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Despite cost, companies focus on preventing internet crimes

There are a number of different crimes that fall under the category of "white collar crimes". One of those crimes is internet crimes. This crime typically comes about when an individual is arrested for using the internet to perpetuate a crime, often fraud.

Recently, an article came out discussing the increase of internet crimes and how expensive a cyber attack can be for companies.

According to statistics, internet crimes and cyber attacks are focused on companies and organizations that include the FBI, the CIA, Sony, and Citigroup. In addition, it appears that just this year the number of internet crimes has been increasing, more so than in the past. One company is the victim of an internet crime like a cyber attack each week.

There is no information as to why the number of attacks is increasing but companies have started to protect themselves from the attacks, even though the costs can be astronomical.

The biggest costs go to resolving the issue after a cyber attack. Some companies spend millions of dollars to fix the issue. Researchers have found that the biggest costs to companies are for hiring security experts, investigating the attack, and losing valuable intellectual property. Not only that, but companies will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on software that is intended to prevent future attacks.

It is clear that companies take cyber attacks very seriously. Investigations are launched to pinpoint where the attack came from and in some situations, investigators are led to a suspect. If an individual is arrested on charges of an internet crime, the penalties can be severe.

Facing these types of charges is serious and defending oneself can be complicated. Often prosecutors build a strong case using financial records to try to prove their case. It can help to speak with someone who understands the implications of internet crime charges and can advise on the best way to protect ones rights.

Source: Los Angeles Times: "Cyber crimes are more common and more costly, study finds," Salvador Rodriguez, Aug. 3, 2011.

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