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Conviction of federal crime could mean 40 years in prison

As we've seen in a number of previous posts, facing any type of criminal charges can seriously affect the future of the individual being charged. The consequences can be even more severe when a person is charged with both state and federal crimes.

Just last week, a Wisconsin man was indicted on federal charges of robbery, the use of a gun during the robbery, and possessing a firearm. He is currently waiting for his next court appearance - whether that is a hearing or a trial. But if he is convicted, the penalties could change the course of his life for the next 40 years.

Police officers reported receiving a call to a local bank in Madison, Wisconsin. According to their report, a man had entered the bank that evening, waving a gun around and demanding money from the bank employees. He allegedly stole a truck and used the vehicle to flee the bank after taking several thousand dollars.

The man was found a few days later in another city. Apparently, witnesses told police that the bank robber had two distinctive tattoos. Police arrested the man who sported two distinct tattoos: one that said "Die, Pigs, Die" and another that said "1488". Apparently these were the tattoos that witnesses say the bank robber had.

The man has been charged with both state and federal crimes. If he's convicted, penalties may include:

  • 25-year prison sentence for bank robbery
  • 7-year prison sentence for brandishing his gun
  • 10-year prison sentence for felony possession of a firearm
  • 40-year prison sentence and $100,000 fine for armed robbery

In addition to the legal consequences, a criminal conviction will also impact the man on both a personal and professional level. His relationships with loved ones may be affected by the entire situation. On a professional level, he will have difficulty finding employment in the future if he is convicted of even one of the charges.

Source: Baraboo News Republic online, "Bank robbery suspect facing federal charges," Brian D. Bridgeford, 07 July 2011

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