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June 2011 Archives

Jury convicts Wisconsin man of selling fake driver's licenses

Previously in Wisconsin, drivers did not have to prove that they were residents in the United States before getting a driver's license. But after a recent legislative change, drivers must show that they are legally residing in the U.S. before they can be administered a valid driver's license.

Head of housing agency could be charged for internet crime

Accusations of sex crimes can severely damage an individual's personal and professional life. If the individual is convicted of the crime, the legal sanctions can include prison time and having to register on a sex offender registry.

Selling pills leads to felony drug charges for Wisconsin man

Being convicted of a drug crime can lead to serious consequences. Even the seemingly minor charges, such as possession of a small amount of marijuana, can result in a prison sentence and negatively impact your future. When faced with drug charges, it is important to understand the implications of such a charge.

Sex crime laws leave teens in tougher situations than adults

When it comes to sex crimes, teenagers seem to have to bear more responsibility than adults. Legislation in many states requires that teens who send inappropriate images of themselves, considered underage pornography in certain situations, are criminally prosecuted.

Wisconsin home of hitman searched, priest faces federal charges

When a crime is committed, it generally does not matter who committed the crime, the individual will still deal with the many consequences for his or her actions. These consequences can range from legal sanctions such as a prison sentence or fine to a more permanently impact, such as a damaged reputation.

Selling or buying food stamps over Facebook considered fraud

In Wisconsin, selling or buying state food assistance benefits is considered fraud, yet that isn't stopping people from trying it. In the trafficking of food benefits, Facebook is fast becoming the preferred choice for uniting sellers with buyers.

Wisconsin man charged with federal drug trafficking crime

No matter the situation, being charged with a drug crime can have a permanent impact on one's future. Drug charges can range from possession of marijuana to being involved in complex drug trafficking. Penalties can be severe, especially if the charges are for federal drug crimes.

Charge of sex crimes a reality for Wisconsin school administrator

Any type of criminal charge has an effect on one's personal and professional life. For example, being charged with a sex crime could result in a lengthy prison sentence and registration on a sex offender registry. Not only that, but accusations of a sex crime can damage one's reputation and make it difficult to find employment in the future.

Wisconsin voters should expect new voter ID requirements

In a previous post, we mentioned that legislators were concerned about identity theft and the implication that it would increase voter fraud. Legislators had proposed a bill earlier this year that would limit Wisconsin voters to showing one of three types of identification in order to cast a vote.

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