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May 2011 Archives

Man discovers lying about military heroics is a federal crime

The U.S. Supreme Court may soon decide the legal difference between lying and embellishment. Before an appeals court is the case of a man who pretended to be a military veteran. Whether latching onto a false personal history is criminal or an exaggerated use of First Amendment rights may soon be a high court ruling.

Wisconsin man used phone to make fake calls to police

There are a number of tools that use the internet to connect people. One particular tool is called Skype which provides an online phone service for its customers. One Wisconsin man could be facing charges of internet crimes. He is currently the center of an investigation focused on Skype and prank calls.

Wisconsin pageant winner facing criminal charges

Facing criminal charges can seriously affect one's future. Especially for young individuals, being accused of a crime can make it difficult in the future to find employment. But consequences can also exist in the present, as one young woman is discovering.

Citation for sex offender who entered "child safety zone"

In previous posts we've discussed many of the consequences that can arise if convicted of a sex crime. There are the more immediate penalties that can include jail time and being required to register as a sex offender. But the impact of a conviction can go beyond the more obvious consequences.

Federal drug charges could result in 10-year prison sentence

Criminal convictions can come with very serious penalties; drug charge convictions are no different. Recently, a Wisconsin Rapids man pled guilty to federal drug charges of crack cocaine possession and distribution.

Pornography charges could seriously impact life of Wisconsin man

As we've seen in previous posts, federal and state prosecutors take accusations of underage pornography very seriously. Those who are charged and convicted of possessing or producing underage pornography can face sentences that include time in prison. Federal charges can have significant consequences that go beyond legal sanctions as well.

Wisconsin man receives prison sentence for internet crime

A police raid on a Madison, Wisconsin man's home in 2003 produced evidence that he had been jamming police radios. Authorities seized the man's computer during the raid and discovered deeply encrypted files that took police years to decode. The files were eventually cracked and found to contain underage pornography.

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