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April 2011 Archives

Accusations of sexual assault can impact students' lives

Being accused of a crime such as sexual assault can have a permanent impact on the accused person's life. Especially for students, these types of allegations, even if later found unsubstantiated, can damage one's reputation.

Wisconsin's FoodShare program the focus of fraud concerns

In Wisconsin, crimes known as white collar crimes often carry with them serious penalties. These crimes can include identity theft, credit card fraud, and even extortion. But recently, state authorities are dealing with a different kind of fraud: FoodShare fraud.

Banks dealing with new tactics used to perpetrate fraud

The Ninth Federal Reserve District, which includes part of Wisconsin, was recently the focus of a survey meant to gather information about fraud. The survey results showed that though there are several different tactics that individuals use to perpetrate fraud, the fraud appears to be under control.

Woman sentenced to three years probation for drug crimes

Several individuals are finding out what sort of consequences they face for drug charges. Five individuals were charged with several counts of drug possession in connection with a drug operation that is believed to have spanned several states. One woman was recently sentenced to a stay of adjudication if she successfully completes three years of probation. She had pled guilty to a felony drug possession charge.

Internet crime results in consumers' information accessed

Consumers across American were warned earlier this month to be on the lookout for phishing emails after an instance of an internet crime. According to the news article, a marketing company that handles emails for retail stores such as Best Buy and Walgreens was hacked into by unknown parties.

Milwaukee Man Poses as Lawyer, Receives Prison Sentence

Prosecutors are aggressive when pursuing individuals who are suspected of white collar crimes, such as identity theft. A conviction for charges like identity theft can lead to severe consequences such as prison time.

Wisconsin city considers new ordinance for sex crime offenders

Being convicted of a sex crime can lead to serious consequences that can include a lengthy prison sentence. But a conviction can result in registration on a sex offender registry. Being a registered sex offender can affect several areas of a person's life.

Viewing pornography at work could mean license revocation

A proposed bill in the State of Wisconsin could cause teachers to lose their state licenses if they're caught looking at pornography including underage pornography on their work computers. This means that even if criminal charges are not pressed against an educator, that individual would lose their job and be unable to get another one in the profession.

Man sentenced by Wisconsin Judge for federal drug conviction

When an individual dies from a drug overdose, investigators will often trace the origin of the drug. In other words, investigators try to determine where the drugs came from and who distributed the drugs.

Group home to help people convicted of sex crimes

For many people convicted of a sex crime, one thing they will have to do when released from prison is find a place to live. Many find that a social stigma follows them wherever they go. But in Green Bay, a home for convicted sex offenders could change things.

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