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February 2011 Archives

Wisconsin continues to collect missing DNA samples for database

The Wisconsin Department of Corrections' effort to collect missing DNA samples is paying off. Currently almost half of the missing samples have been collected. This attempt to collect the thousands of missing samples stemmed from a bill last spring that required DNA samples from all felons to be kept on record.

Accusations of online solicitation of children taken seriously

Local and federal law enforcement is constantly focusing their efforts on finding and tracking conversations online to see if it will lead them to an online predator. Before the Internet, investigations would center on individuals who used their vehicles as a means to solicit children.

Police find marijuana in the residence hall room of Wisconsin man

Being charged with a drug crime can have serious consequences if a conviction follows. Some charges carry more weight than others, but in general consequences can include fines and a prison sentence. In addition, as with other felony convictions, a drug conviction can make it difficult to find a job in the future.

Standards for expert witnesses stricter under new Wisconsin law

In the previous post, the damaging effect of a sex crime accusation was discussed. Even without a conviction, allegations of something like sexual assault of a child can permanently alter someone's life.

Wisconsin patrolman facing severe penalties for sex crime charges

Being accused of a sex crime can have serious, lasting consequences. As we saw in a previous post, a charge of sexual assault can result in a lengthy prison sentence. There are other penalties that one can face such as being required to register as a sex offender.

Wisconsin bill proposed with hopes of deterring voter fraud

Wisconsin voters may be faced with a change during the next election if the state's Legislature accepts a new bill that would require voters to show specific photo IDs in order to vote. Currently, the bill proposes that voters can only use three types of IDs to vote: a Wisconsin driver's license, a military ID, and a Wisconsin ID.

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