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Wisconsin Man Convicted of Sexual Assault Unable to See Son

Earlier this week, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals upheld a lower court's decision that is not allowing a Wisconsin man any contact with his son. The original decision came after the man was convicted of the sexual assault of his daughter.

According to the article, the man sexually abused his daughter in their home, sometimes when his son was also there. He was convicted and sentenced to serve time in a Wisconsin correctional institution. He was also ordered to complete sex offender treatment, after which he would be able to see his son again.

The man appealed, arguing that the sentencing judge did not have the authority to keep him from having contact with his son. It may be because the man did not sexually assault the boy. Is there reason to issue the no-contact order in this specific situation?

According to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, there is reason for the no-contact order even though the boy was not sexually assaulted. A Wisconsin statute states that a circuit court does have the authority to order no-contact between the man and his son.

They argue that because the boy witnessed the assault, he falls under the category of victim. They also believe that the man put his son at risk of repeating the abusive behavior later in life. Therefore, because the son is a victim of the crime the no-contact order is valid.

Being convicted of a sex crime leads to serious consequences. There are the obvious penalties like prison sentences and fines that must be paid. But beyond that, many convicted sex offenders must put themselves on the sex offender registry. This type of conviction can follow someone for the rest of their life. For this man, he will also be unable to spend time with his son.

Source: ABC News: Eau Claire online, "Appeals court upholds ruling in Pierce County sexual assault case," 07 December 2010

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