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December 2010 Archives

Internet Photos Lead to Serious Charges For a Wisconsin Teenager

Being arrested for a sex crime in Wisconsin can have serious repercussions. Even without a conviction, a charge can permanently damage a person's reputation, affecting any future job employment opportunities as well. A conviction may also require registration on a sex offender registry as well as penalties such as prison time.

Wisconsin Woman Convicted of Embezzlement Now Helping Others

For five years, the district council president of a Milwaukee union used union funds to support her gambling problem. She would simply take money out of a fund called "Operation Big Vote" and then put it into her personal bank account.

Internet Crimes: Underage Pornography Charges for Wisconsin Man

With so many advances in technology in the past few years, there are few individuals who do not use the internet to find information or do work. With so many people on the internet, law enforcement has taken a greater interest towards internet crimes: illegal activity done over the internet.

Wisconsin Students Use Prescription Drugs to Cope With Stress

The stress of college and the competitive nature of higher education can cause anxiety among students. For students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, there is one popular way to combat the pressure. Apparently the prescription drug Adderall is being used by students as a way to focus and energize.

Madoff's Sons Accused of Fraud, Oldest Son Found Dead

Tragedy struck the Madoff family this past weekend. The Madoff family became national news after Bernie Madoff was arrested in 2008 for defrauding investors of billions of dollars, one of the largest white collar crime schemes known today.

Wisconsin Man Convicted of Sexual Assault Unable to See Son

Earlier this week, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals upheld a lower court's decision that is not allowing a Wisconsin man any contact with his son. The original decision came after the man was convicted of the sexual assault of his daughter.

Lottery Scams Catch the Attention of Federal Investigators

Imagine this: you get a letter in the mail that says you have won millions of dollars in some sort of lottery sweepstakes. Most people would look at that letter and throw it out. But what if the letter was accompanied by a legitimate check? Would you be more apt to believe that it was true?

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