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November 2010 Archives

Wisconsin Woman Sentenced to Prison for Prescription Drug Charges

Many people are aware of the consequences for possessing or selling illegal drugs such as marijuana or cocaine. But just as punishable are drug charges that involve prescription drugs. Being convicted of a drug crime can yield serious penalties that will affect your future.

Milwaukee Man Faces 30 Years in Prison for Sex Crimes

Back in September of this year, a Milwaukee man, Michael Lock, was convicted of violent crimes. His sentencing date was yesterday; the judge gave him 30 years in prison. This particular sentence was for a series of charges relating to a prostitution and solicitation ring he allegedly ran.

Park Bench Not a Valid Home Address for Wisconsin Sex Offender

Most states, like Wisconsin, keep record of the sex offenders that reside in their state. Wisconsin currently has a sex offender registry that keeps track of over 21,000 sex offenders. Usually someone who is convicted of a sex crime is required to register.

Wisconsin Man Faces Theft Charges After Taking Church Money

The phrase "white collar crime" is usually associated with images of business men embezzling money from a giant corporation. While this may often be the case, white collar crime can be committed by anyone who commits a crime in the course of their employment. The most common types of white collar crime involve theft or fraud of some kind.

Wisconsin Teacher Accused With Sex Crimes Not Guilty

There is truth when people say that a criminal conviction can change your life. Someone convicted of a sex crime can face difficulties finding opportunities for employment, may be branded as a predator, and might even lose their family. Even for someone who has been cleared of sexual crime charges, life does not necessarily get easier.

Wisconsin Man Who Had Body Part Glued to Himself Files Civil Suit

If you recall back in 2009, a woman and three others were found guilty of criminal charges in a unique case that made international headlines. A Wisconsin woman found out that her boyfriend was not only married, but also seeing two other women on the side. What happened next sounds like a plot straight from a movie.

Plea Deals for Wisconsin Criminals Sometimes Influenced by Victims

For those who are facing criminal charges, the state of Wisconsin gives victims in criminal cases the opportunity to discuss plea agreements with prosecutors. Wisconsin has offered victims the ability to participate in the process and strongly advocates victims' rights.

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