Wisconsin to increase oversight of sex offenders?

Being accused of a sex crime will often result in severe damage to a person's reputation, even if the individual is never arrested or charged with an offense. The rumors will quickly travel throughout the community, and it can be impossible to tell the other side of the story.

For those that are eventually charged, the situation will change dramatically. In Wisconsin, there are many harsh laws that impose severe penalties on those individuals convicted of sex crimes. These offenders will often receive very lengthy prison sentences, and have to undergo extensive rehabilitation before they will be allowed back into society.

Once these individuals have been released from prison, they will most likely be required to register as sex offenders. This means that those convicted of these crimes will have to provide very detailed information about their residence, school enrollment or employment status for many years after they have been released. They must make sure that this information is kept current or they could end up facing additional charges.

These requirements make things very difficult for offenders who are trying to readjust to society. Law enforcement will post notices in communities before the offenders move in, which can make it challenging for the individuals to be able to even find a place to live.

An audit of the program in Wisconsin this past year called for tougher oversight, which could mean even more strict requirements are coming for these offenders. Officials have been critical of the state's inability to keep track of all of the offenders who are part of the program, and the Department of Corrections has pledged to make the necessary changes.

Anyone accused of a sex crime needs to be aware of what can happen if they are convicted of the offense before they take any action. Frequently, these cases result after someone makes an accusation, which many law enforcement agencies will take seriously. Once police begin their investigation, they may ask you to come in for questioning about events that were alleged to have taken place. Should you learn that you are the subject of an ongoing investigation, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

An attorney can provide you with the advice you need at such a difficult time. You may be very confused by the allegations, and it is important that you have someone on your side that is able to protect your rights from aggressive police and prosecutors. Do not think that you can figure out how to present a defense on your own, as you could make a serious mistake that results in extensive prison time.