Results Matter
Results Matter

Strong Defense Against Criminal Charges

When it comes down to it, if you have been arrested and are faced with serious criminal charges in Wisconsin, results are all that matter. You want to get the charges dismissed if possible, or at the very least minimize the consequences.

At Kohn Smith Roth, in Milwaukee, we have handled tough cases and won tough cases. With 35 years of combined criminal defense experience, our attorneys have the skills and dedication to work for the results you demand.

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Our Practice Areas

White Collar Crimes
Violent Crimes
Drug Charges
Sex Offenses

Drunk Driving

How Our Experience Can Benefit Your Defense

You may be facing charges for a white collar offense, drugs, a violent crime, a sex offense or some other allegation. As experienced defense attorneys, we know how to push back effectively.

It starts with being prepared. In almost every criminal case, preparation is one of the main ingredients for success. This is why our firm prepares every case as if it will end up at trial.

We do this because it defends your rights — in the courtroom if necessary. It also helps us negotiate with prosecutors effectively to get charges dismissed or reduced.

Our extensive experience enables us to take these steps in ways best designed to protect your future.

Our Reputation Gets Respect And Results

Our attorneys have earned the respect of judges and prosecutors in Wisconsin for our honest and ethical practice, as well as the results we’ve achieved and the commitment we’ve shown for clients. You can trust your case to us.

Get A Strong Defense Attorney On Your Side

The outcome of your criminal case will have a profound impact on your life. Make sure you get a defense lawyer who is up to the job. Call now to arrange a free initial consultation or complete the brief online form.