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Sex Crimes Archives

Teacher's aide arrested and accused of sex crimes in Wisconsin

Individuals in Wisconsin and elsewhere who are accused of a crime may often be uncertain how to proceed. Sex crimes carry severe penalties should a conviction be obtained, and allegations alone are often intimidating. A 23-year-old teacher's aide is likely focused on her defense after she was recently accused of having sexual relations with two minors.

2 accused of alleged solicitation of minor online

Internet chat rooms can give an individual the ability to pretend to be someone else. Although many conversations that take place online are harmless, some may be undertaken with ulterior motives in mind. Two Wisconsin men have recently been accused of sex crimes after allegedly soliciting a minor through online sources.

New legislation would place act of stealthing under sex crimes

Many individuals have been accused of a crime concerning an act that they believed to be consensual. Sex crimes have severe penalties that can have a significant impact on the future of an accused individual, especially if a conviction is obtained. A lawmaker in Wisconsin has reportedly submitted new legislation that would classify the term known as stealthing as sexual assault.

Man accused of sex crimes related to alleged actions with underage girl

The internet can be a place of anonymity and uncertainty. This technological advancement has made it possible to easily connect with people from various regions across the country, without the need for a physical meeting. Although beneficial in numerous ways, communicating via online sources can also have a dark side. A 31-year-old man from another state was recently arrested in Wisconsin after being accused of sex crimes involving a minor.

Man accused of sex crimes 7 years after alleged incident

Facing criminal accusations can be extremely intimidating, especially when the incident is said to have taken place several years prior. However, this has occurred in many instances involving allegations of sex crimes involving minors, with many victims claiming to have been afraid to step forward at the time. A former teacher in Wisconsin is facing similar charges after a woman recently asserted that the two were involved in a sexual relationship around seven years ago while she was in high school.

Music teacher in Wisconsin facing allegations for sex crimes

Teachers often play a significant role in the development of students. Many individuals can recall their favorite teacher even after numerous years have passed. Unfortunately, the delicate balance between student/teacher relations has also led to criminal accusations for many individuals of a similar profession. A music teacher in Wisconsin was recently accused of sex crimes involving 14-year-old student.

Former school administrator accused of multiple sex crimes

When accused of a crime, some individuals may feel pressured to make a statement. In some cases, an accused individual may even confess to crimes under duress. Unfortunately, issuing an early statement or confession without first consulting with legal counsel can make the situation much more challenging to overcome. A former school administrator in Wisconsin may be experiencing similar difficulties after he was recently accused of multiple sex crimes.

Wisconsin man accused of sex crimes dating back to 1994

In order to convict an accused individual of sexual assault, he or she must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This process can be challenging, especially when the alleged incident is said to have taken place over 20 years ago. A Wisconsin man has recently been accused of sex crimes involving a minor in relation to an incident that supposedly occurred in 1994.

Wisconsin man accused of sex crimes through an open window

One phone call is sometimes all it takes for a person to be facing criminal accusations. Perhaps a neighbor thinks he or she has witnessed a crime, and suddenly an individual is the subject of an arrest warrant. Criminal allegations alone can be stressful and intimidating, and a subsequent conviction can be catastrophic. A Wisconsin man has recently been accused of sex crimes for his alleged lewd behavior in view of a neighbor.

Wisconsin man accused of sex crimes involving young children

Accusations for the sexual assault of a minor can wreak havoc on the life of an accused individual in numerous ways. Such allegations can brand a person for life, even if the charges are eventually dropped. A conviction for a similar crime can be significantly more challenging to overcome. A 69-year old man is facing similar circumstances after he was recently accused of sex crimes involving two children in Wisconsin.

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